In this moment of silence

Don’t pity me my pain

It’s here in isolation

I fall on your disdain

For all that pulls me under

I know there is a Hell

There’s nothing I know better

I know it all so well

Shamed into my solitude

And left with little care

Lost within my speechless grief

My glorious despair

I had hope and I believed

But yet the sun still set

And darkness fell upon me

To bathe me in regret

Carry On

Try to find the strength you need. To calm the doubts in your belief. If you’ve the will, you know your spirit will not break.

If you have strength, then you’ve belief. If you show love, your heart still beats. You’re never quite as lost as you may think.

Though far from shores you’ve yet to reach. Without a star to cross the sea. No avenues of light to guide you to the answers you can’t see.

Seeking fortitude of heart and mind. But who can guide the lost and blind? And who but you can make in Hell yourself a Heaven?

Face your fears, and face your shame. Face the idols you have made. And raze them back unto the dust from which they came.

Be not a servant of the weak. Be the light and change you seek. Leave no stone unturned, and find the strength to carry on.

Late and Lonely

Hey there late and lonely

Been seeing you around

Everything moves slowly

Whenever you’re about

Hey there late and lonely

So gloomy and so grey

Every room seems empty

When you decide to stay

Hey there late and lonely

Hello again my friend

For someone who can’t speak

You’re always in my head

Hey there late and lonely

I see you’re back again

Can’t help but to wonder

Has this become a trend?

Okay late and lonely

Your welcome’s up and so

Time for you to leave now

It’s time to let me go



You won’t believe
What you’ll achieve
  The moment that
You choose to see
To stay or leave
Or to perceive
Or be a little less naive
You can’t conceive
The great reprieve
To find just where
You’re meant to be
A place that’s free
For you and me
A land that knows
No boundaries
Of open doors
No locks and keys
A place of hidden
Of open minds
Sweet reveries
A special place
You must agree
So close your eyes
And just believe
Imagine all
That you can be
And for the first time
Choose to see
Through eyes of love
And know relief
Come with me


Whisper softly to me
Take away my fears
Build me up
Then break me down
And leave me with these tears

Undress me with your lies
Do what you do best
Twisting words
To spin your guise
Cutting deeper than the rest

Nowhere left to run
Face what you have done
See the pain
The hopes you’ve slain
And accept what you’ve become

One day you will fall
Hanging by a thread
Use, abuse
Every excuse
In the end you had to lose


I write because I cannot speak,

Hard as I may try,

I hate because I cannot love,

But couldn’t tell you why,

I laugh because I cannot cry,

Even when I should,

I leave because I cannot stay,

Though I wish I could,

I lie because I cannot face,

The truth which hurts so much,

I want because I cannot have,

The world beyond my touch,

I lose because I cannot win,

Despite the things I do,

I die because I cannot live,

And so must start anew,

I write, hate, laugh and leave,

I lie, want, lose, and die,

I do because I cannot help,

But never will deny



For every drawn out dreary poem

Exists one sadder than before

A waging war of weary whims

Mothering madness all the more

Words which march across a page

Laden heavy with their woes

Hidden beneath the skins of lambs

Crouching wolves lay low

Their masquerade of big charades

A world of make pretend

In hopes your eye, its fancy find

Obscurity without end

Letters joined in ritual

Holding one another’s hand

Lines between which lie the truths

You seek to understand

But also come a warning with

The false you find is true

The true you find that hides behind

A darkened shade or two

Trust in full one never should

Or count yourself unwise

Within the details devils be

To tell you all their lies

So certain be that more you’ll see

Making sense all the less

And possibly, i’ll say of me

That these can be the best